Water is essential to life.

What if we transformed the power of water?

EBED Solutions transforms water

We alter how water behaves at the molecular level
to perform like no other.

The Breakthrough


EBED Solutions empowers the performance of water to eliminate biofilm in industrial process applications.

The EBED Processor introduces nanobubbles with unique properties that are far superior to traditional chemical methods. The result is a breakthrough in energy efficiency, filtration and productivity.

EBED Performance Water transcends the limitations of regular water

Removes Biofilm Prevents Biofilm Attachment Net Zero Charge

The Water

The difference is our nanobubbles. They create water that performs unlike regular water, with proven benefits in a wide variety of applications.

The EBED Nanobubble

EBED nanobubbles are less than 100 nanometers* in diameter, with over 300,000+ measured in a single drop of EBED Performance Water.

*1,000,000 nanometers = 1mm


 Pioneering the Future of Water

For over a decade, the researchers at EBED have been pioneering the future of water, achieving breakthroughs that enhance the performance of water. These innovations are part of a broad intellectual property portfolio in which the company holds 7 granted patents and has another 25 applications pending worldwide

Patents Awarded & Pending

The EBED Processor

The EBED Processor is a highly engineered device that is integrated into commercial or industrial water systems. The critical output of the processor is the creation of nanobubbles.

The creation of nanobubbles without the addition of any new gas to the water is the phenomenon of the EBED Processor. The processor is comprised of a sophisticated pattern of chambers and shear planes. As water flows through the EBED Processor a controlled endothermic reaction occurs to create a high concentration of nanobubbles which naturally alter the equilibrium of the water molecules resulting in enhanced performance properties.

EBED Performance Water and Biofilm Management

The elimination of biofilm in industrial systems leads to substantial benefits, including:


• Improved heat transfer in heating and cooling systems

• Reduced corrosion of systems

• Increased effectiveness of water treatment processes

• Enhanced quality of chemical and industrial processes


More information about the EBED advantage:

Biofilm’s Impact on Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is dramatically impacted by mere microns of biofilm, with the greatest impact in just the first 100 to 200 microns*. To achieve maximum heat transfer gains, biofilm needs to be virtually removed.

*100 microns = 0.1 millimeters


The EBED advantage can be applied to a wide range of industries

HVAC food processing power generation manufacturing medical construction agriculture

EBED transforms the power of water, and the applications are endless.

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